Enhance Your Appearance

Find Out Your Wow Colors: Find out what colors suit you the most and make you look your very best.  Find out whether your skin type is best suited to a warm palette or a cool palette.

Find Out Your Best Styles: Find out which style of clothing and designs are most suited to your body type. Discover the hair style that suites your face shape and body type.

Make Up and Skin Care: Learn to look naturally beautiful and enhance your features and how to maintain your skin.

Personal Shopping:  Spend a few hours shopping with our consultant to get immediate feedback on what looks best on you.

Customized Packages and Workshops available.

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Behaviour Modification

Etiquette Training: Learn the Do's and Don'ts of dining, entertaining, business, and dating etiquette.

NLP techniques:  Learn techniques to be more effective in your relationships and feel empowered.

Energy Shifting:  Learn skills to focus on positive and build self confidence.

Mindfulness: Learn ways to be in the moment, de-stress, meditate and truly appreciate life.

Fitness and Nutrition:  Develop healthy eating habits and how to  maintain balance.

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Presentation Skills: Learn how to retain attention and engage the audience.

Effective interviewing and meeting skills:  Learn how to wow the interviewer and land your dream job.  Learn ways to be successful in meetings.

Personal Relationships: Learn how to impress and be lovable! Learn effective communication skills to manage your most valued relationships.

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Next Steps...

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