“Ms. B”, An Inspiration

"Ms. B", An Inspiration!

I would like to introduce you all to Ms B.  She is a GRITS (Girls raised in the South).  In our busy lives many of us don’t take the time to dress nicer and look smart.  Ms. B. is a great reminder to us all that putting that little extra effort not only makes us feel good but it also pleases others around us.
Today, while I was visiting my local library, I had a chance encounter with Ms B (My library friend).  I was immediately drawn to her.  Ms. B. was sitting and having a conversation with the librarian.  Ms. B. was so well put together.  She had her hair all done and her hands all manicured with pretty polish.  She wore a beautiful flower in her hair and wore a prominent pendant.  She caught my eye like a breath of fresh air in the cold November morning.  I went up to her and introduced myself to her and complimented her on taking the time to look so sharp.
At her age, Ms. B. continues to live independently.  She goes for a walk regularly and visits the library to check her emails.  She continues to serve on a number of boards in her local area.  Ms. B., thank you for being so inspiring!  I hope, like you, I can continue to positively contribute to society when I am your age!
Quote by Ms. B.: 
“For beauty, I’m not a star, there are others more handsome, by far
But my face, I don’t mind it, for I’m behind it
It’s the folks out in front that I don’t want to jarr”

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